Let the season begin!!!

This Thursday at 5pm, OPEN workout 16.1 will be released! You can watch the live release by going to the Games site at 5pm on Thursday by clicking here

Or......you can join us at C5 on Thursdays at 5pm where the OPEN release will be playing LIVE on our flatscreen! You can then execute the prep work that will be provided to have you ready for Friday! **Thursday 5pm class time will be an OPEN BOX fashion for the next five weeks to watch the WOD release and help prep everyone for the OPEN WOD the following day.  

We currently have 60+ members who are signed up for this annual online competition!! <---this is totally AWESOME by the way!!

I'm already beyond PROUD of each of you for having the courage to participate in this event w/your Fitness Family!! 

Here's how this works; 

  • Show up to any regular class time on Fridays, and the OPEN WOD will be taking place as it will be our workout of the day every Friday. 
  • We will post a poll each week to plan when everyone is doing the WOD (class time) so we can be prepared as a staff.
  • Classes will run in HEATS so that EVERYONE has a judge to count reps and ensure standards are being met. Yes, YOU will be expected to count someones reps and they to count yours. If you have interest in getting certified as a judge (this is not mandatory, but the more certified judges we have, then better), you can take the online judges course by clicking here.
  • YOU will be RESPONSIBLE for submitting your score on the GAMES site once your WOD is completed and your scorecard is verified and signed by you and your judge. You can enter your score via your smartphone using the CrossFit Games App or on the main website via our iPad's at the gym or your own device. 
  • **BIG REMINDER** This is a 5 week competition! The more you understand (and trust our suggestions) about tapering in and out of each week, the more success you will have in each weeks tests. Below is a "suggested" concept on each weeks training efforts and recovery. This concept is based around the majority of you who will be executing the WODs on Fridays. This taper concept will need to shift a day or two if you will be executing your WOD on Saturdays and/or have a difficult work schedule. Your ability to recover from each WOD, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, will play a HUGE role in your abilities for the upcoming week. 
  • "PREP" pieces will be provided on Thursday nights after the WOD is announced. **The 5pm class time will be an OPEN BOX fashion for the next 5 weeks to support prep work. For those not participating in the OPEN, there will still be a regular scheduled WOD you can execute. 
  • If you cannot make it to one of our 6 class times (including 4pm Open Box) on Fridays, you MUST schedule the Saturday 12pm makeup option with a C5 Staff Member so that we can ensure we are prepared. There will NOT be an option to do OPEN WODs on Sundays. *If you need special arrangements (due to travel or work schedules) outside of Friday or Saturday, please contact a C5 Staff member to arrange something. 
  • Game plans for each WOD will be posted to the C5 Family page each week on Fridays no later than 2pm. (unfortunately, this is the earliest I can get off my Coaches webinars and dissect the WODs for best game plan practices for you, the C5 community). 
  • If you know you need your own personal mobility and/or prep work for specific WODs/movements, it will be YOUR responsibility to get into the box early to take care of it. We will be on a STRICT time schedule during each class session so PLEASE do your best to get any personal prep work out of the way before the general briefing and warmup begins.  

Enjoy the Fitness ride that these next 5 weeks will bring!!! 

Make it a great week of Fitness Friends!