On to the next one

Well, 16.1 has come and gone!! What will 16.2 be?? 

Same time, same place, this coming Thursday at 5pm at the box we will find out together!! 

GREAT WORK by everyone who pushed the limits with 16.1!!! Each of you should be VERY PROUD! 

We had SO MANY PR's in the community already it's awesome!! Some got their first Chest to Bar pullup, some got their first overhead walking lunge at a specific load, some overcame mental barriers of self doubt, and some of you just learned how to REALLY push yourself like you never have before! 

Remember, this is only week 1, we have 4 more to go!! 

Stay hydrated! If you failed to follow the taper and recovery schedule (shown below), be sure to get some MAP 10 in this week (30-60min of zero intensity movement. My personal preference; 10 sets of 3min AirBike, 3min row). The critical day for it is the day following your OPEN effort, but, I only personally saw a very small handful of people invest the time Saturday. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 12.08.21 PM.png

For many of you, this is your first CrossFit OPEN. It's already been an eye opening experience on various levels for many of you and this is only week 1. There will be much more to experience and grow from along the way!!! 

While some of you may be walking away from 16.1 feeling defeated, now is the time to dust yourself off and make sure you do what you can to get your head back in the game for 16.2. Remember to reflect on everything about 16.1 as I'm sure there is something that you PR'd in! Even if it was giving your best effort at something you've never done before. That's really all we can ask of ourselves, give your FULL EFFORT and you shall have a FULL VICTORY. 

Some of you might be walking away from 16.1 feeling on top of the world! You crushed your goal for yourself and feel great! CONGRATS to you!! But, for you also, it's time to get focused on the coming weeks challenge known as 16.2. Be sure to also reflect on 16.1 and take awareness to the things that worked well for you and the things that did not work well. 

I'm so PROUD of everyone participating in this annual FITNESS TEST know as the CrossFit OPEN!! 

Can't wait to see each of you push yourselves again this coming Friday/Saturday! 

Train smart this week and follow the taper/recovery plan so you can give your body the best chances for success! 

Make it a great week friends! 


A. 3x5 goblet squat @41X1 tempo (HAP)
*rest 2min b/w sets)

B. 2min AMRAP: single or double unders 

C. 12min AMRAP:
750m row; then, 
-3 hang power cleans
-3 push press
-6 hpc
-6 push press
-9 hpc
-9 push press
….continue up the ladder by 3's

A. 3x2 OHS (build per set) 
*rest 2min b/w sets 

B. 2min AMRAP: double unders 

C. 12min AMRAP:
750m row; then, 
-3 hang power cleans (115/83)
-3 hspu
-6 hpc
-6 hspu
-9 hpc
-9 hspu
….continue up the ladder by 3's