Toes to Bar Connectivity

Tuesday's Coach's Tip brought to you by Coach Sully...

For most of us without much of a gymnastics background, connecting your Toes to Bar can be one of the more frustrating things you do in CrossFit.  We’ve all seen those athletes that appear to have been doing sets of 10 unbroken in the womb, right?!  Today, we all have a chance to work towards that with three attempts at a 20-second AMRAP of Toes to Bar.    

First, I want you to imagine your head and your feet are operating on some sort of alternating pendulum.  When our head is extended forward at the peak of our kip, our feet need to be reset back behind the rig in preparation for our next attempt.  Therein lies the problem with most of us trying to connect them - our head is ready for the next attempt, but our feet are still traveling down and back to the reset point!  Hence, the out-of-control swing we feel from our waist down. 

Think about it this way… For our kip, our head is operating within a very small window of just a few inches, between driving it forward through our shoulders and then back.  Our feet, however, have to travel from the contact point at the bar ALL the way down and back behind us before they are ready again.  When those two checkpoints, if you will, don’t interchange at the same time, the momentum is lost and our hope at connecting them is gone.

If you are one of those athletes that can’t quite seem to find the rhythm with your T2B, try to be more aggressive driving your feet down and back behind you while initiating the kip through your shoulders.  We all know that Toes to Bar are coming in The Open.  The only question is WHEN?!  Be diligent today with your work and you may just surprise yourself come 16.???