Embracing the journey

We are currently in our fourth week of the 2016 CrossFit OPEN. 

From 16.1 to 16.3, we had already seen 3 technical, gymnastic bar movements in a row (chest to bar pull-ups, toes to bar, and bar muscle ups), all of which have proven to challenge those who have never done them as well as those who have not built up significant volume over the training year. 

Each week brought frustration and questions; "I need to get those things", "what do I have to do to get better at pullups....or T2B....or bar mu?",......etc. 

Here's the reality of Fitness progression; It takes YEARS to progress in fitness. There is NO EASY STREET, there is NO FAST TRACK, there is NO QUICK FIX. If you want to get 'better' at Fitness as a whole, you have to embrace the journey and let us help you grow, progressively, over time. 

Why do the C5 Coaches suggest most of you follow the Foundation program for a specific amount of time? So that you can do just that, BUILD A FOUNDATION to support all the technical things you want to do. There is no avoiding that needing a strong foundation of strength, balance and stability is MANDATORY for your Fitness success. Without the foundation, you have nothing to stand on. Realistically, anyone who has not done strength and conditioning or CrossFit before, would follow the Foundation program for 6-12 months, not 90 days. But, we all want results NOW and don't want to embrace the journey for that long. 

I get it, I'm just as impatient as the next person. All we can do is ask that you try a little harder to embrace the journey, celebrate the small PR's, and enjoy your growth in Fitness along the way. Don't try to rush the technical stuff, the heavy lifts, the range of motion and mobility. Stay consistent with the program, and it will all come in time. 

We are looking forward to a renewed appreciation for those of you ready to 'embrace the journey' of your own Fitness goals over the upcoming training season. 

It's been TRULY inspiring and AMAZING watching each of you give your ALL during these OPEN workouts.

Keep it up Fam!! One to go! Enjoy your weekend!