One more to go......

We're on the home stretch of this 2016 CrossFit OPEN season! 

If you failed to get in some MAP 10 (30-60min of low-zero intensity movement, in simple terms) this weekend, I would HIGHLY recommend making that a priority today. 16.4 put a beating on many of us (myself included). 

One more workout to go! What will 16.5 be?????

Over the past 4 weeks of this Global Fitness Test called the CrossFit OPEN, we have stressed RECOVERY A LOT! Many of you listened and took us up on it, many of you did not. Many of you learned a lot of great lessons on the benefit of active recovery days, while some of you have still yet to experience it. 

It's okay if you haven't invested the time (yet). One day you will be ready to take the next step in your Fitness progress and you will see the light ;)

At C5, we are HUGE advocates of active recovery (what we call MAP 10), to aid in your body's ability to recover from hard effort workouts and daily stress from training. 

We have recently partnered up with Marc Pro, a conditioning, recovery, and pain relief device which is used to aid in recovery and performance. To say the least, these things are EPIC! 

You can find more info on the company and the device by clicking here. Should you choose to make an investment in your recovery and performance, Marc Pro has provided us w/a coupon code to save some money on their devices. Use "C5RECOVERY" at checkout! 

I personally use one regularly to assist with my active recovery practices. 

Our friends at Moore Sports Recovery have four units in their super awesome recovery lounge located in Shell Beach that I would HIGHLY suggest checking out, if you're into recovering from training and helping your performance. 

#TrainHardRecoverHarder friends! 

Bring on 16.5!!