The warm up

"Why is the warmup so long??" 

"This is just the warmup??"

"I'm tired already!"

Just a few of the statements we hear from time to time as Fitness Coaches. Yes, you still need to warmup if you're just doing a 2k row, yes, you still need to warmup if you're doing something with a light barbell. 

I still find it interesting when athletes know they "should" warm up... but instead, end up just go for a little jog, swing their arms around a couple times, then pick up the barbell or jump on the rower to get to what they feel is "most" important.........the workout itself. 

What does a proper, effective warm up do?

1) enhances performance

2) prevents injury

3) prepares the CNS for the work


How does it enhance performance? 10-15min of light aerobic activity (rower, abike, run) --->this increases blood flow and elevates core temperature, this gets hemoglobin in your blood starts to release oxygen more readily--->> more oxygenated blood going to working muscles = better performance. Increased core temperature contributes to CNS readiness and enhanced muscle metabolism, so the muscles can contract and relax faster (stretch reflex), in turn, making movement more efficient--->> pretty important for athletes who are expecting their body to perform at a high rate with a lot of work capacity.

Injury prevention? Muscles that are NOT warm are more vulnerable to the effects of force protection and lengthening which can can account for acute muscles tears.

Mental Readiness (CNS prep)? Part of the warm up process includes preparing your mind for the upcoming activity. The warmup should have pieces that heighten the athletes mind (awareness) of what is to come in the event or training session. This means a warm up that prepares the athlete for the discomfort of intense training intervals or a competition. If the mind is ready for what is coming then the body will most likely be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Some of you have noticed that our warmup/prep for OPEN workouts have been longer and more advanced than the typical day to day. This is so we can do our best to prepare you for battle! 

Our goal is that you will take away some understanding on the importance of proper warmup/prep work.

Don't take the warmup lightly friends. Warmup solid. Perform solid.