CrossFit Games Season

In case you hadn’t heard, I like numbers… I should clarify.  I LOVE numbers!  Numbers like 294,946.  294,946 athletes submitted a score on CrossFit Open WOD 16.1.  For around 99.5% of those 294,946 athletes, the CrossFit Games Season began with 16.1 and ends this weekend with 16.5.  After this weekend, only roughly 1,250 of the fittest men, women and teams continue their Games Season to a Regional competition in May when that number is then widdled down to around 400 of The Fittest people in THE WORLD who advance to Carson, CA to compete at THE GAMES in July.  99.5% of those 294,946 athletes are now entering the offseason in which we begin thinking and training for the 2017 Open. 

Here’s the REALLY exciting part!  One of the staples of CrossFit is being measurable.  Measurable in that the 2017 Open WILL consist of the majority of the movements you just saw in 2016.  How else would you know how much you’ve improved if CrossFit doesn’t continue to test and retest you on a consistent basis?  The fun part about what we do is being able to look back at what was previously thought unattainable and having tangible proof of just how far you’ve come.  If you haven't started logging your WOD's, now is the time!  The more data you have on where you're fitness is at now, the more fun it will be six months from now to see how far you've come.  If this was your first CrossFit Open, let these five WOD's be the beginning of that log.  There's a strong chance you'll see a few of these WOD's again.  Remember?  Test, Retest.    

For those of you who have not done 14.5 before, find someone who has.  My guess?  You’ll find out that the athlete they were in 2014 pales in comparison to the one you see now, flat on their back, drenched in sweat, still in shock at what they’ve been able to accomplish in two years!   

Now is the time to put in the work to Make That Happen for yourself!   

- Sully


A. Mobility; shoulders, triceps, quads

B. 5 sets @85% sustainable pace:
-250m row
-200m run
-1 rope ascent
*rest/walk 90sec b/w sets

C. stretch sesh