Tuesday's Coach's Tip brought to you by Coach Kelsey...

"Remember running around as a kid, swinging from monkey bars, climbing up jungle gyms, attempting cartwheels and flips at the birthday bounce house? A kids' job is to grow, learn, and PLAY. As we become adults, we forget how to play. We begin to workout or exercise to battle the slowing metabolism and the long hours sitting at a desk.  Most kids don't run around at recess with the thought, “I wonder how many calories I am burning” or “I should climb up the jungle gym a couple more times since I was sitting in class all morning.” No! Kids are (usually) fit because they are constantly exercising without even realizing it.

As Chad mentioned in Sunday’s blog post, it is important to take this time post-Open to de-stress and have fun. So bring out your inner child and come to the gym this week to PLAY! Swing from the rope, pull out the mat and try handstands or cartwheels, get some friends together for Open Box, skip the WOD and make up a relay race. Make a PLAY DATE, exercise without realizing it!"