What's better?

Is "more" better, or, is "better" better? 

Sounds like a confusing question right?

We talk about movement and mechanics at our facility ALL THE TIME. 

Some common cues you might have heard from our Coaching staff that are directly related to mechanics; 

"Stay on your heels"

"Drive your knees out"

"Engage your core"

"Keep your chest up"

"Explode through your hips"

"Keep your elbows up in the rack......"

.......the list could go on for miles. 

Here's the point; understanding that learning to move with proper mechanics and technique will ALWAYS help further your performance more than just doing more work. The answer is not to lift more weight, do more reps, work out more often and/or for longer periods. The answer is to learn to move perfectly with EVERY single movement that you do. 

"Better" is better. 

Make the conscious decision to focus on your mechanics during this upcoming season and I promise you will see WAY MORE results than if you just try to lift more weight or move faster in WODS. 

Now comes the difficult part, actually investing the time in obtaining proper mechanics. For some of you it might be a range of motion issue that will require months (or years) of focused mobility work, for some of you it will require taking a step back to basics to rebuild your muscle memory and retrain your muscle tissue, for some of you it might be slowing down in your daily WODS to ensure you are staying on top of your movement patterns, for others it might be the need for some supplemental strength balancing work, the list can go on with the potential "fixes" that one might need in order to move better. 

Is it more important to you to have a fast time on the whiteboard, or a heavy load, that will be erased in 2 hours, or, is it more important to develop a strong foundation of proper movement patterns that will safely and efficiently put up those fast times and heavy loads so you can continue your Fitness Journey until you're 100 years old? 

The choice is ultimately yours. We can only continue to give you the tools, knowledge, and suggestions about all of it. We can't physically force you to invest the time in yourself. Only you can do that. 

Make a good decision friends. 


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