Two down, three to go

With OPEN workout 16.2 behind us, we have three unknown workouts remaining!!

I am so proud of everyones efforts thus far! Watching each of you get outside of your comfort zones and push your own perceived limits has been EPIC to watch! 

We have had two VERY challenging tests with 16.1 and 16.2, and as history has proven during the OPEN, the remaining three tests will be just as challenging. 

Remember, your ability to recover from each week is critical for your upcoming weeks performance. Make sure you are putting in some MAP 10 this week if you didn't get it in this weekend.

Practice, practice, practice all the movements in our program this week. Focus on your efficiency in the movements and your breathing efficiency while executing them. Our class program will continue to be progressively focused on the OPEN movements that we have not seen yet and are anticipating to show up before this challenge is over. 

Many of you may have had the ability to watch some of our Coaching staff do the workouts and may have gained a new respect for the power of movement efficiency. Move efficient and breathe efficient, and that means you can move faster by expending less energy therefore resulting in higher scores. Movement efficiency doesn't just show up because you want it to. YOU have to INVEST the time and energy in it to see the benefit over time. This is what your "training" throughout the entire year is designed for.

Embrace this journey of training and testing as you chase your fitness goals.

We're almost halfway there! Keep up the strong work everyone!!