The Warm up (Part 2)

If you missed our blog post on The warm up (Part 1), you can read it by clicking here

To be quite honest, when I see people do their own warmup who attend OPEN GYM, or attempt to do their own mini-WOD in the corner before or after class, the warmup is pretty weak sauce

The C5 requirement for anyone executing the WOD (or any exercise) during an OPEN BOX is that you must; 

1. understand how to properly and efficiently warm yourself up

2. understand what everything in the days workout program is, what the intent is, and how to properly execute the movements (or perhaps you should NOT be attending OPEN BOX and you should stick to a class so you can be properly educated/coached).

3. if you're not following the C5 WOD, have a plan and be able/prepared to explain that plan to the C5 Coach onsite. 

4. have the ability to be self sufficient with your own timer and scoring.

Taking into consideration the details explained in The warm up (Part 1), below you can find a basic guideline on what an actual warmup SHOULD look like before you start any training session. 

A. 8-12 minutes of General Aerobic warmup to get blood and oxygen flowing. This could look like 3 sets of: 2min AirBike, 2min row (<-----a simple favorite of mine. If you're not shedding layers and/or sweating by the last set, you need to go harder)

B. 5-7 minutes of Dynamic stretching/movement that is supportive of the days movements. IE: leg kicks, lunge & reach, scorpions, spiderman stretch, yoga pushups, air squats, handstand holds, skipping, ring rows, kb swings, kb windmills, single arm presses and/or squatting, overhead walks..........etc. If you don't understand how to put these things together properly and effectively for the days training session, maybe you aren't ready to train on your own without a coach directing you. 

A simple favorite of mine that 'could' warm your entire body up would be;

3 sets of: 

10 lunge & reach steps

5 yoga pushups 

5 scorpions per side

10 mountain climbers

5 ring rows (this could progress into pullups by the last set)

5 air squats (this could also be goblet squats if you're lifting for the day)

10sec handstand hold

C. 4-6 minutes of Mobility that is supportive of the days movements (if needed)(*this is VERY individualized. Some need excessive mobility, some don't need any at all)

D. 4-6 minutes of specific movement prep: If the WOD consists of power cleans, double unders and rowing, you should be doing power clean progression work on the empty barbell, NOT just loading it up for your WOD and going for it. You should also prep your ankles/calves/achillies for jumping with some progressive foot/ankle flexion/extension work. If your WOD consists of wall balls, ring muscle ups, running, perhaps you need to do some progressive ring/pulling and pushing work (ie: 2 sets of 3-4 pullups, 3-4 ring dips, 3-4 ring pushups, followed by 2 sets of 2-3 ring pullups/ring rows and transition work in the low rings). You get the drift, prep  properly for the specific movements of the day just like a C5 Coach would prep you. 

E. Yep, that's 21-31 minutes of warmup and prep before things get #REAL! 

NOW, you're ready for an effective training session!