The Fitness Lifestyle

If you've ever read the C5 Mission statement and core values list, or if you've just been arounds C5 for awhile, you know that our philosophy on Fitness is that it's a lifestyle. It's so much more than just showing up to the gym for your 1 hour C5 class each day. 

Wait, what?! I know, shocking news.........there's more to it than just showing up. 

How do you know if Fitness is becoming a major part of YOUR lifestyle?

  • You start making nutritional decisions based on your workouts and/or performance.

  • You start tracking your workout results, aka; logging.

  • You start measuring your water intake each day.

  • You start paying more attention to your sleep cycles and training time each day.

  • You start moving around appointments and/or responsibilities to accommodate your workouts

  • Each month (or day, or week, or year) you notice that you are making decisions that are directly related to your Fitness.

...........just to name a few. 

When you embrace the reality that Fitness is a Lifestyle, achieving your goals can become so much simpler. Don't get that statement confused with "easy"'s still HARD work, but it can make your daily decisions easier when you understand what sits at the top of your values list. Being completely honest with yourself on this is critical for your success. 

Now is there anything 'wrong with you' if Fitness is NOT your lifestyle and maybe you do just want to show up for your 1 hour class session each day and call it good? 

Absolutely not. That's your choice. I like to call it "awareness". It's your own awareness that Fitness is NOT at the top of your values list.

Maybe you enjoy your Grande Crapa Frapa Latte w/extra whip cream and caramel syrup for breakfast. Then follow that up with a hot pocket for lunch. Show up to the class WOD four hours later with low energy, dehydrated, and wondering why you didn't CRUSH that 30min circuit! Then finish off your evening with a few beers and pizza with friends. (<------I know, this example may seem a little over the top, but, it's reality for some people). 

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with those choices if that's the lifestyle you CHOOSE to live. Although the example above is very clear that you are NOT living a Fitness Lifestyle, you are accepted just the way you are and we're happy to have you as part of our Fitness family in hopes that one day, you'll see the benefits of Fitness Lifestyle choices. 

Remember, this whole Fitness thing is a journey. One step at a time. If you aren't drinking enough water to support your Fitness, start there. Drink more water each day and feel the benefits!

Not making healthy food choices each day, start there next. Pick one meal per day and actually cook real food with your Fitness performance in mind. Eventually, move to two meals per day. 

Just like you have to gradually progress with your loads on the barbell, the rest of your lifestyle is the same way! Take gradual steps in your daily habits to support your Fitness Lifestyle........ should you desire to live one! 

Make a good decision this week friends!