Get Tall!

Tuesday's Coach's Tip brought to you by Coach Sully...

"It’s not something you hear all the time around CrossFit gyms, but it’s certainly something to be aware of: “Before you get small, get tall!”  ‘Getting tall’ can also be referred to as ‘Triple Extension’, the opening of your ankle, knee and hip joints as you explosively stand up with a barbell in your hands. 

For a lot of us, when the weight on the barbell gets heavy, we can’t wait to get underneath the bar to give us the best shot of standing up with it.  The problem we create then is that we short change ourselves on all the power that comes from a full triple extension and we don’t get the barbell near high enough to drop under it successfully.   

We’re currently in the middle of our most recent strength cycle with some special focus on Olympic Lifting technique.  The next time you have a barbell in your hands, try to be a little more patient.  Let the power progressively build from your feet to your hips as you optimize the amount of force exerted on the bar.  It doesn’t matter whether you are Cleaning or Snatching, so long as you remember that 'before you get small, GET TALL!'"