Double unders - you either love them or struggle with them.  Between the two, I am definitely on the struggle side.  How do you improve?  PRACTICE them!  Practice them before a WOD when you are fresh, practice them under fatigue (i.e. right after a WOD), practice them multiple days a week doing a certain number in an EMOM.  Part A today is a great test.  You will see this DU Test again at C5, so if you do not log every workout, consider starting with this one! :) 

Some helpful reminders and cues to improve your double unders:

  1. Relax your face, shoulders/traps, and remember to breathe!
  2. Keep your arms in close to your sides and slightly in front of your body.  When you are practicing your DU, you should be able to see your hands in your peripheral vision
  3. What's the major difference between a single under and a double under? For a double under, jump higher and increase your wrist speed. Sounds simple right?!  When practicing, try taking a video of yourself -- you will be able to learn so much by watching yourself back!! 

Happy Friday!

-Coach Nickole

A. UB single under tester:

B. 21min EMOM:
min1: 20sec AMRAP strict pushups
min2: 5 med ball squat cleans (HEAVY)
min3: 20sec AMRAP hanging knee raises (or situps)

A. UB double under tester:
Advanced: 10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10
Intermediate: 5-10-15-20-15-10-5
Beginner: 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1
*7min time cap

B. 21min EMOM:
min1: 20sec AMRAP hspu
min2: 3 squat cleans (135/98)
min3: 20sec AMRAP T2B