Test & Retest

Tuesday's Coach's Tip brought to you by Coach Sully...

"For those of you that read yesterday’s blog post, you know that we will be entering a pretty significant testing phase of our training in the coming weeks.  For some of you, these tests are nothing new and you’ll have plenty of data to compare.  For others, this may be your first time testing most of these benchmarks.  For everyone, however, it is important to understand the ‘why’ behind the tests and how to approach each one. 

There are countless ways that we can measure #GAINZ as they relate to our fitness –how our clothes fit, the number on the whiteboard, how we look naked in the mirror, how well we recover from WOD’s, so on and so forth.  The best, most concrete way?  To simply retest things you have already done and compare the results! 

If you’re testing something for the first time, be honest with yourself!  In On Ramp, we put a great deal of emphasis on simply giving your best effort every time you step through the doors at C5.  How else will you know how you’ve progressed if you don’t have an accurate, honest number to reflect upon?  One of the best feelings you can get from CrossFit is retesting something and blowing your old result out of the water.  Don’t rob yourself of that sense of accomplishment in the future by not being honest with yourself now!

Give this phase of testing your best effort!  I can promise you two things: You will see these tests again and you will be a different athlete next time around.  Allow these results to be the fuel to your fitness fire and prepare for even bigger #GAINZ in the future!"