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This gear is "Next Level" apparel (same as our past apparel). Color is OD Green (Military Green) with faded "Ghost logo" and black text.

Some may ask, what is a "Competitive Exerciser"?

In my opinion, it's every single person inside the walls of C5 (and millions of others outside our walls). Do you strive to better yourself? To lift more? To move faster, move better, be more efficient?

Then you're competitive! Maybe not with others, but, you're competitive with yourself. Therein lies the #CompetitiveExerciser


As discussed in Mondays blog, we are "TESTING" today. You will be finding a front squat max (testing your Absolute Strength), and then testing the new and improved "RED LINE 2.0".

RED LINE 2.0 is a specific, C5 designed WOD. It is designed to test your Anaerobic Lactic Capacity. In simple terms, how hard & fast can you move, ignore the pain, and keep moving at full effort (capacity) through the burn of lactic acid in your muscles, and the burning in your lungs, until the work is complete. Or.....until the 5 minute time cap clock saves you. 

What?! Sounds scary, I know. But, you'll live (I hope) ;) 

Give your FULL EFFORT today so we can see where you sit. 

Enjoy your testing today friends! 


A. w/in 20min, build to a 3rm front squat @20X1 tempo
B. “RED LINE 2.0(F)”
-400m row
-hang power cleans (moderately heavy)
*5min time cap

C. 10-20min cool down

A. w/in 20min, build to a 1rm front squat

B. “RED LINE 2.0”
-500m row
-power cleans (135/98)
-lateral burpees over bar
*5min time cap

C. 10-20min cool down