The "Buy-in" period

What exactly is a "Buy-in" period? 

In business, it can refer to a "........purchase of shares." 

In a workout, it can refer to a movement that must be executed before you can begin the actual workout. i.e.; row 500m, then do........X, Y, Z. 

In a Fitness Journey, it can refer to the period of time from when you walk in the door at our facility and first here our Coaches words relative to the C5 philosophies, and the time that you actually implement those words/suggestions, i.e.; 

  1. "........if you don't have proper ROM, you will need to implement some mobility work to allow your body to get into proper positions if you want to lift more efficiently/heavier."  3 years later, you actually start to "get it" and start implementing the practice discussed over and over the past 3 years and finally see/feel change and viola!......your progressing again!
  2. "...........if you want to truly achieve your Fitness goals, you need to understand that NUTRITION is 70-80% of your results."  3 years later, you are 'ready' to start logging your food intake and making adjustments in your nutritional choices as they relate to your specific goals around; performance, weight loss, lean mass gain......etc.
  3. ".........if you want to lift more, and/or be a better Fitness athlete, you must learn to move well with everything you do first. Gain proper mechanics and technique and the rest of the #Gainz will follow." Again, 3 years later, when you hit your ceiling with progress, you're ready to listen. Ready to go back to the basics and rebuild yourself, properly this time! 

These are just a few examples of what a "Buy-in" period could look like in Fitness.

What happens during this "Buy-in" period? What changes make you 'ready' for the necessary changes? 

In my humble opinion, it's the combination of a few things, not listed in any specific order; 

  1. TRUST - you gain trust in your Coaches knowledge as it relates to the suggestions listed above
  2. AWARENESS - you become aware that maybe what was stated 3 years ago was correct. You see others progressing at faster rates who chose to listen to the suggestions, and/or you hit a wall with your own progress.
  3. TIMING - the time is finally 'right' for you. Your motivation within your own Fitness Journey has evolved and you become ready for the "next step" in your journey. 

Wherever you are on the "Buy-in" spectrum.......understand that we are here to guide you, support you, and answer any questions along the way. The overall C5 approach to Fitness is obviously not an overnight fix or a magic pill. It takes YEARS of hard work and dedication if you want to truly achieve your goals. The sooner you buy-in to the program, the sooner you will achieve your goals!

Make it a GREAT FRIDAY friends!! 

Here's a little motivational "GRACE" performance that you'll be testing today by CrossFit Games Athlete, Dan Bailey. 

A.w/in 20min, build to a 3rm back squat

B. 8min EMOM:
odd; 30sec AMRAP burpees
even; 30sec AMRAP russian kb swings (HEAVY)

C. 10-15min cool down

A.w/in 20min, build to a 1rm back squat

B.  "GRACE" (L)
-30 clean & jerks for time (135/98)
*7min time cap

C. 10-15min cool down