Move Well. Move Often

Over the weekend, The C5 Coaching Staff spent 5+ hours at a private FMS Seminar to continue our education and sharpen our tools with human movement.

FMS Founder, Gray Cook, has the same philosophy that we do here at C5. The FMS slogan; "Move Well. Move Often" falls right in line with the C5 Rules of Progression taught in our Program; 

  1. Understand and execute proper movement and technique.
  2. Execute proper movement and technique in repetition.
  3. GRADUALLY increase intensity and loading.  

I'm VERY PROUD of our Coaching Staff and their continued efforts to learn and grow as Fitness Coaches. To FAR exceed the knowledge and skill base of just reading a WOD off the whiteboard. Actually having the ability to assess movement patterns and provide adequate, proper modifications and/or supplemental, corrective work to help YOU, the athlete, become better, is vital in our program and a MANDATORY requirement of a C5 Fitness Coach. 

One more step to putting C5 on the map as a SERIOUS Fitness Facility on the Central Coast of California! 

We continue to put time and energy into our education and growth as Coaches so that we can continue to help you grow and evolve as athletes.

One of the most important things I've learned in my journey in life, as well as a Coach, Athlete, and business owner; having an OPEN MIND is necessary! 

"The mind is like a parachute, it's no good to you unless it's open."

There is so much that goes into movement patterns, motor control, and the stability vs. mobility spectrum. Things can be vastly different from one individual to another. 

Please understand, here at C5, we are PASSIONATE about our MISSIONTo inspire, educate, and guide individuals throughout their evolving fitness journey.

At the end of the day, we want whats best for YOU to achieve YOUR goals which align with YOUR lifestyle. 

Do we feel that the C5 Fitness Program is the end-all, be-all program and there is nothing better? Absolutely NOT! We are learning, growing, and evolving just like you are!

This takes an open mind. An open mind to understand that what I tell one person, may not be the same for another. We want you to understand that as well. If you hear your Coach suggest something to a fellow athlete, it doesn't necessarily mean that you 'should' do the same. There may be a LONG list of underlying reasons why they've been given that specific information that you are most likely unaware of. 

There is a reason that we have 3 program levels in our Fitness Program. There is a reason that we want to see you build a proper Foundation before you increase your work load, intensity, volume.....etc.

Being patient with Fitness progress is HARD! I get it! But believe me, being injured is FAR WORSE than being patient. 

Please don't ever hesitate to reach out directly to me (or any C5 Coach) for questions and guidance. If we don't have the answer on the spot, we will find the answer to help you on your journey! 

Make it an EPIC week of Fitness Evolution friends!!