Saying Goodbye.......

Goodbyes are HARD! Especially when it's saying goodbye to those you love to be around. 

This month, we say Goodbye to our beautiful, wonderful Coach, Athlete, and Friend, Angela McGregor.  Angela has been an Athlete and Coach for C5 since 2012. She will be moving away to San Diego to begin her next chapter in life at the end of this month. 

A few options to spend some time with her before she leaves;

1. She will be Coaching the 9am class this Saturday, May 21st.
2. She will be Coaching her last 730pm class Monday, May 23rd. 
3. She will be working out with the 615pm class Tuesday, May 24th
4. There will be a 'Going Away' party for her at Kate's house on Wednesday, May 25th starting at 5pm. (more details by clicking here)

Four more chances to hang out with her around the C5 Family! 

We're going to miss you dear friend!!