The Reward

Over this past weekend, C5 had a total of 4 female athletes compete at The Top Box Throwdown at the San Jose FitExpo. 

Kim White competed as an individual and our lady Coaches; Michelle, Nickole, and Kelsey competed on a TEAM of 3. 

We are SUPER STOKED to announce that Kim took the 1st place podium spot and the TEAM of 3 did as well. All the girls competed in the RX division and conquered 7 challenging workouts of the 2 day event. 

Training with driven, focused, commitment has it's rewards. These girls got a nice taste of what the reward is when you work hard and train with a purpose. 

I'd be lying if I said I was surprised that these girls all stood on the podium this weekend as they have all been CRUSHING Fitness lately! 

I am BEYOND PROUD to have these girls representing C5! 


Make sure that your training is for a purpose so you can also, earn the reward. Whatever that looks like for you. It can be as small as a better position in your pushup or squat, and it can be as big as standing on a podium and crushing your competition. Whichever end of the spectrum you sit on, the reward will still taste amazing! 

Make it a great week of Fitness friends!!