Owning movement

Some VERY profound words from Dr. Mark Cheng!

Today we are beginning a Snatch progression. Ideally, the above image is a position you will NEED to able to OWN should you desire to execute the FULL snatch (aka; squat snatch) in time and avoid injury doing so.

Something to keep in mind today; it's not about the load. It's about having proper mechanics that will allow you to get into the proper positions associated with the movement. If you have to strain and experience pain to get into any of todays snatch positions, you may need to ask yourself, "should I be doing this right now?" 

Talk to a C5 Coach if you have concerns and need corrective exercises to allow for proper positions. DO NOT try to force them or you will experience injury at some point. That is the last thing we want for you! 

Enjoy your snatch work today!