Kung Fu Grip!

Tuesday's Coach's Tip, brought to you by Coach Sully...

"If you’ve been coming to C5 for awhile now, you’ve probably heard us talk about why it’s important to embrace the process.  If I want a heavier back squat, it isn’t enough to simply squat every day and think that I’m going to P.R. every time I put a heavy load on my back.  You have to put the time in on your isolated work!  Single leg movements and squatting at tempo are just a few examples of ways that the C5 Program helps make you stronger on a daily basis.

Many of you showed up this past Friday to test your “DT” time and walked away with a new P.R.  Awesome work!!  For a lot of us, we know that there is still so much more there to be had.  Speaking for myself, “DT” exposed my grip strength, or lack thereof, in a major way!  There’s a reason why some people never seem to need to drop the barbell or come down from the pull-up rig.  They’ve spent their share of time building strength in their grip!

Today, we’ll take some time as a community to build that grip strength with some Farmer Carries.  As a reminder, Farmer Carries aren’t about carrying a somewhat heavy load all 100 meters without setting it down so that you can get inside and finish out your Super Set.  Farmer Carries are supposed to be a struggle.  Not a happy-go-lucky, glad I came to CrossFit today struggle.  Farmer Carries are about bulging veins in your neck and having to consciously remind yourself to breathe.  If you pick the right weight, you’ll know what I’m talking about… Remember, friends, to embrace the process now and make plans to celebrate the P.R. later!"