Let me start off by saying; I LOVE COMPETITION! 

There's something to be said about what a competitive atmosphere will do for the human spirit, body, and mind. It will push you above & beyond your perceived limits. It takes us out of our comfort zones (which is where the magic happens). It creates a sense of accountability with training, and preparation.

As an Athlete and a Coach, there are SEVERAL factors that I constantly evaluate as it relates to Competition;

  1. The Competition season: This looks different for everyone. Are you a #CompetitiveExerciser who just likes to 'have fun' at local comps to test yourself and play with your Fitness Friends? Your season will look vastly different than that of a Regional level athlete. Do you do 2 or 3 Fun comps that are a planned part of your year, or do you just do them as they pop up and your friends say; "Hey, wanna do a comp with me?" Maybe your competition season consists of only The CrossFit OPEN each year. You train to be better at this annual test and that's it. On the other end of the spectrum, maybe you don't like to compete at all. Perhaps your competition is with yourself and your own progress. There isn't anything wrong with any of these decisions, it's personal preference. It's your life, your Fitness Journey, OWN IT. However, there must be an intelligent plan to this season if you value your training, your body, and your Fitness program.

  2. The plan: To put this in VERY simple terms, if you are training for multiple competitions per year, whether it's for fun or to crush your competition and stand on the podium, there needs to be a plan built around your annual competitions, your training for it, your pre comp intensification & taper, and post comp recovery. The more comps in a year, the more your overall training season is effected. One or two planned comps, the better training you get, the #GAINZ you reap, and the more recovered you are in between comps (if spread out far enough).

  3. Individual lifestyle: Do your lifestyle habits support competition? In simple terms, if you struggle to get to the box 3-4x per week, perhaps that should be a focus first, then we can talk about competition. Do you have a hard time recovering from 3-4 days of training per week, perhaps we need to focus on proper hydration, nutrition, and recovery measures first. These are just a couple examples of a LONG list that could exist on how/when/where/why you compete each season.

  4. The event: Who is hosting the competition? Is it a random box, gym, company who just wants to make some money? Do they have a reputation of hosting quality events? Do they provide intelligent Fitness Tests or is it random and unsafe? Speaking from experience, there is NOTHING WORSE than investing your hard earned money, time and energy to pay for, prep for, and travel to a competition and it turn out to be an unorganized, unsafe, $h*t show! NO ONE enjoys that. Unfortunately, this is all to common these days.

In conclusion, the C5 Coaching Staff is here to; inspire, educate, and guide you on your evolving fitness journey. It's your life, you make your own choices and decisions, we're just here to help. Don't hesitate to reach out to me personally (or any C5 Coach) to discuss the aforementioned before making decisions based around Fitness competitions. 

We want to see you succeed with your Fitness Goals. We also want to see you have sun, stay safe, and continue to progress in a safe, intelligent fashion. 

Make it a great week of Fitness Friends! 


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