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I have heard a lot of athletes comment that they find it hard to breathe while running. It is crucial to learn how to breathe properly while running because breathing efficiently will help improve your performance (not only in running, but in your mixed modal/CrossFit workouts also). I recently came across an article (courtesy of Jillian Michaels website) on a breathing technique that I wanted to share. This is a very simple technique that will help you sync your breath to your stride.

Give it a try during today's running WOD. Enjoy! 

~Coach Michelle

Running & Breathing Techniques

Everyone knows that running will make you breathe hard, but few realize just how important your breathing technique is. The way you breathe can have significant impacts on your running performance, giving you the edge on other runners or causing you to fall behind. Consider practicing some proven breathing techniques the next time you train.
When running, your body requires oxygen to help create energy for your working muscles through the use of ATP or adenosine triphosphate. ATP is required to maintain the chemical functions that keep you running. If you cannot supply the necessary oxygen, your muscles will tire faster and your endurance will severely diminish. Providing ample supplies of oxygen while breathing will ensure that your body can continue working hard. The result is increased endurance, speed and energy.

3:2 Technique

The most common breathing technique for running is often referred to as the 3:2 technique. This basically means that the ratio of inhaling to exhaling is 3 to 2. In practice, this is often tied to your running cadence. For example, while you are running, inhale for three steps and then exhale for two steps. The purpose behind this technique is to fully inflate your lungs with new oxygen and completely replace the leftover carbon dioxide.



Always breathe through your nose and your mouth when running. It is far easier to get adequate supplies of air through the use of both nose and mouth, than just through your nose. Consider breathing techniques for before and after you run as well. Proper breathing can help prepare you mentally and physically for a race by building up oxygen supplies and helping you relax. Breathe deeply, holding air in for a moment before exhaling to allow for maximum oxygen absorption by the blood.

You can find the full article by clicking here


A. run prep

B. 3x4 minute road run (80% sustainable effort)

*2min rest/walk b/w sets

C. static stretch sesh