Single Under with a PURPOSE!

Tuesday's Coach's Tip brought to you by Coach Sully...

"At the very core of our three levels of programming comes intent, progression and purpose.  Everything we do has its place for not only the here and now, but for the future and the #GAINZ we all seek.  This includes #GAINZ in our ‘plyometrics’ or jump training.

Plyometrics utilizes something known as a stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) of the muscles.  In essence, the more the muscle is actively stretched and immediately shortened, the more energy it has the potential to store to then act as a spring for all of your jump-related activities.

If you’ve been struggling to string together your Double Unders, I would want you to examine your Singles first.  Do your feet barely leave the ground knowing it doesn’t take much lift to get that rope under your feet just once?  Going back to our PROGRESSION and PURPOSE talk, I would encourage you to practice your SINGLE exactly as if you were trying to do a DOUBLE.  From the balls of your feet, jump as high as you can with each SINGLE to develop your SSC.  Sure, you’re going to have to slow your wrist action down a bit to keep a good rhythm on those singles, but the intent here would be to build your muscle memory with a high jump so that you don’t have to continually sell out for one or two DOUBLES.      

Double Unders are one of the more common movements in any CrossFit program.  Moving forward, when you find yourself with a jump rope in your hand, remember every single jump is a chance to practice.  Whether part of a warm-up or mid-WOD, approach your reps with a purpose and sooner than later these DU’s might actually become active rest!"