OPEX Athlete Camp coming to C5!

We are super stoked to announce that C5 will be hosting an OPEX Athlete Camp and registration is LIVE!! 

****Registration will CLOSE on June 29th****

This 2 day event will be taking place on Saturday/Sunday, August 13th & 14th.

My personal Coach, Robin Lyons, is an OPEX Coach (Yes, your Coach has a Coach ;) ), and the majority of my Coaching knowledge comes from OPEX.

If you have interest in being a competitive Athlete in the Sport of Fitness (at any level, whether it's for fun, to stand on the podium and crush the competition, or at the Regional level), this camp is A MUST!!

We hosted one of these Camps in 2015 and it was an EPIC weekend of growth for everyone who attended.

You can get registered NOW by clicking here

**Please talk to a C5 Coach for the C5 discount code for use by C5 members ONLY. 

What is an OPEX Athlete Camp?

The OPEX Athlete Camp is for anyone looking to compete in the sport of fitness, at any level. *Please consult w/a C5 Coach to confirm if this Camp would be beneficial for you.

Event Description:

You’ll test yourself in multiple workouts focusing on strength, power and endurance over the two-day camp. Individualized feedback helps you upgrade your training strategy and ensures you can identify and improve weak areas. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of your engine as an athlete, how to properly gauge pacing on workouts, and the best way to fuel for multiple competition scenarios. This event will be a great opportunity to grow alongside fellow athletes and not to mention a ton of fun! We hope to see you there!

What will we do?

  • Learn how to prepare and fuel for single event days over multiple weeks (The OPEN)
  • Learn how to fuel and prepare for multiple event weekend competitions (regionals and throw-downs)
  • Learn how to train through The OPEN while still performing at a high level and staying healthy
  • Learn how to peak for the Regional competition and then peak again for the games (or how to peak appropriately for throw-downs/local competitions).
  • Learn how to operate your specific engine for various competitions based on your individual fitness level
  • Learn the most effective pace and strategy based on your individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Train with other Crossfit competitors in multiple event days
  • Lecture and Q&A Session with OPEX coaches


We hope to see those of you who desire to Compete in the Sport of Fitness there!