Baby, it's HOT outside!

In case you’ve been stuck inside lately and also haven’t been active on social media, you may have missed the memo: IT IS HOT OUTSIDE!  Granted, if you typically work out at 5:45am, you’ve finally caught a break with Mother Nature.  If you work out at Noon, on the other hand, you’ve probably caught yourself questioning several of your most recent life decisions.  Been there!

For a second, let’s imagine that we were able to poll all 80 of the 2015 Male and Female CrossFit Games Athletes asking them to describe their experience with Murph last year in Carson.  My guess?  All 80 of them would probably tell you that it was the most INTENSE Murph that they have ever done.  Many of those athletes, some of the fittest men and women in THE WORLD, even had to withdrawal from the event itself or later on in the weekend.  But, why?  Surely they had all done Murph multiple times with a weighted vest on in some sort of competitive environment.  What was so different?  Well… It was Noon and it was LA-HOT! 

Generally speaking, the more INTENSE the workout, the more CARBS you burn in relation to FAT.  As the intensity increases due to a rise in temperature, you need more FUEL to survive!  You may be thinking, “well, if that’s the case, I’m going to just go really slow and work out at a low intensity and stay in my ‘fat burning zone’ until it cools off.”  Wrong!  It’s still a better idea to work out at that high intensity and burn a smaller percentage of a LARGER TOTAL than to just glide through at a low intensity and burn a larger percentage of a much SMALLER TOTAL.  Plus, working out at high intensity makes you FIT!  And as you get more FIT, your body’s ability to burn fat increases! 

As the temperature increases, Fam, be more aware of how you’re fueling your body and be sure to make adjustments based on the conditions… More water and more HEALTHY carbs!  And if you’re working out at Noon in the scorching heat wondering why you ever started CrossFit in the first place, think about doing Fran at 5:45am in January and keep going.  Those pull-up bars can get COLD!