External rotation

Understanding the benefits of external rotation in the shoulder joint are critical for your safety and efficiency in Fitness. 

There are so many movements that we do in the C5 Fitness program that are benefitted by having the shoulder in external rotation; pushups, ring dips, burpees, OHS, snatch receiving positions, shoulder to overhead movements, to name a few. 

The external rotation position that David Durante is demonstrating in the video is the optimal position to be locked out in at the top of each ring dip repetition. Building the strength in this position by executing today's "ring support holds", will help you keep your shoulders healthy. 

Unable to hold yourself in the rings in this position? Try lowering the rings and just leaning into them to gradually establish the strength and ability to hold external rotation. 

Developing proper shoulder stability and motor control is a major key to your Fitness success and longevity.  

Enjoy your Tuesday friends! 


A1. 3x12 kb front rack walking lunge steps (HAP)(*dbs at sides or bodyweight only for mod)
A2. 3x20sec ring support hold or FLR on rings for mod)(*front plank for further mod)
*rest 90sec

B. 21min EMOM:
min1: 5 jumping pullups @20X1 tempo
min2: 7 wall balls
min3: 30 single unders

C. 10min cooldown (AB/jog/row)

A1. 3x12 kb front rack walking lunge steps (HAP)
A2. 3x20sec ring support hold
*rest 90sec

B. 21min EMOM:
min1: 7 pullups
min2: 5 thrusters (start @75/53#, men add 10#, women add 5# each set. Only continue building as far as you can complete thrusters ub)
min3: 30 double unders (*do NOT work beyond 30sec)

C. 10min cooldown (AB/jog/row)