The Journey..........

We call it a Fitness Journey for a reason, it doesn't happen overnight. 

One does not just arrive at 'Fit'. You don't just obtain strength, endurance, power.....etc, because you want it, and/or see others around you who have it. 

Nor should you lose the desire or motivation to obtain these skills just because it takes time and hard work to achieve it. 

I like to call it awareness. Be aware of who you are, what your Fitness history is, what your current lifestyle habits support, and most importantly, how your daily decisions effect your Fitness goals. 

In a modern world where we have everything at our fingertips and can get most things FAST, it's even more disappointing that we actually EXPECT to obtain the things that we want NOW as it relates to our Fitness.   

This modern day experience and expectation has skewed many peoples journey in Fitness.

It's so easy to watch a YouTube video, or go to a competition, or watch your Coaches perform amazing physical feats and think; "Man, I want to do that!" 

"I'm going to start practicing that tomorrow in hopes of having it by summertime!"

Something to remember; people of high level Fitness (be that your Coaches, competitors, Regional or GAMES level athletes, pro sports players, or people you see on YouTube) did not get that way by a few months (or even a few years) of CrossFit. 

These people have YEARS of FOUNDATION training under their belt! Whether it was years spent playing teenage sports, collegiate sports, competitive athletics, weight training, endurance training, or military backgrounds.....etc, there are hours upon hours of fundamental training that have been laid down before EVER getting to the fun, flashy stuff you see today. 

There have recently been many of you in the community, (whether you've been here for 3-6 months or 3-4 years) who feel that you "should" be farther along in your journey. Perhaps you feel like maybe you've bitten off more than you can chew with this whole CrossFit Fitness Journey. 

PLEASE do yourself a favor and remember, this is JOURNEY. It takes time! And lot's of it! Be patient with yourself. Be patient with your #GAINZ. 

Learn to accept (and enjoy) the small victories along the way. 

Want to be able to do 70 double unders unbroken AND stay relaxed the whole time? Learn to 10-20 unbroken relaxed for multiple sets FIRST. Just that alone is a HUGE accomplishment if you've never been there before. The same goes for getting 5 double unders! 

Want to be able to do ring muscle ups like those other fit folks? First get some strict pull-ups under your belt. Then do many sets of said strict pull-ups for a couple years! Be PROUD of that accomplishment! And then, and only then, ring muscle ups MIGHT come easier to you. 

I could go on for hours with examples of progressions and patience. The moral of the story is, don't get impatient with your #GAINZ. 

You're gradually getting more awesome EVERY SINGLE DAY that you get dressed, show up, and put in work! Be patient with yourself and be PROUD that you're doing more than the rest of society who isn't showing up! 


PROUD to know each of you and have the pleasure of guiding you on this Journey called Fitness!