Using your Fitness

Over the weekend, a group of the CrossFit Kids Five Cities Coaches took our Fitness outdoors to the Crux climbing center in SLO. 

Not only was it a REALLY FUN time, it was a definite test of our Fitness skills. It takes a ton of grip and upper body strength to climb rocks! We were all feeling the hard work put in the next day for sure. 

If you haven't taken your fitness outside of the box lately, I would HIGHLY recommend doing it as much as possible. 

Go climbing, go swimming, go cycling, go running, go kayaking, stand up paddling, surfing, pickup a friendly ballgame of some sort....etc. It's always nice to take your Fitness outside so you can also see/feel your progress being used in everyday life, not just on the barbell or pullup rig. 

Make it a great week friends!!