Weight loss and fat loss are two VERY different things. As athletes the goal is ALWAYS fat loss, NOT weight loss.  As you read through this, please take a moment and reflect on your health journey. Ask yourself which of the two sound more like your journey. If it is fat loss, GREAT! If it’s weight loss try following the “helpful” tips I provided to better manage and achieve fat loss.

To help you better understand what the differences are please see the comparison below. After you compare the two, ask yourself if you are losing fat or just experiencing weight loss.  If “weight loss” sounds more like what you are achieving, it is time to make some changes with your nutritional routine!


  1. Focuses on pounds lost (VERY inaccurate measure)

  2. Weight never stays constant

  3. Unable to achieve increased athletic performance

  4. The body always looks “puffy” even at goal weight

  5. Decreased drive for day-to-day activities

  6. The body is unable to use nutrients as fuel

  7. You experience bouts of lethargy


  1. Gain Muscle and muscle endurance

  2. Lose inches that STAY off

  3. Make progress athletically

  4. Increased mental focus

  5. Wake up in the morning energized and refreshed

  6. Better workout recovery


  • Record all your meals for a week and be VERY aware of how you feel the day after each meal and workout

  • Log your daily workouts and nutrition

  • Measure inches lost NOT pounds on a scale

  • Take photos of yourself every 30 days to track visual progress

  • Don’t eat foods you dislike, always eat REAL WHOLE FOOD you enjoy

The goal is ALWAYS FAT LOSS. You CAN and you WILL achieve fat loss while increasing your athletic performance. The way to ensure fat loss happens starts with you mastering the nutritional demands of YOUR body, by initially micromanaging YOUR nutrition and activity!  

Cheers to shedding fat while building muscle!