TESTING has returned!

How do we measure ones Fitness progression?

We TEST it! Over and over, throughout your evolving journey.

We use Fitness TESTS that we deem to be "measurable and repeatable", and that also fit the current Fitness levels of the majority of the C5 Community. There is a LONG list of TESTS that we use to measure progress in your; absolute strength, speed strength, strength speed, agility, coordination, flexibility, accuracy, balance, power, the different energy systems (ATP/CP, Glycolytic, and Aerobic), and all of the varied progressions and capacity building within each of those systems.  

Today is one of my personal favorites, "GRIND". It's a C5 exclusive TEST. You won't find it anywhere else in the CrossFit world aside from our little community. 

It involves you and the barbell...........110 reps on the barbell that is..........with a 7 minute time cap to get the work completed. It's tough. It's definitely one that you have to grind through to complete under the time cap. 

So what exactly are we TESTING today?

  1. Your ability to cycle the barbell (barbell efficiency) throughout 3 different barbell movements.
  2. Your ability to control your breathing while cycling the barbell as fast as possible. 
  3. Your AnAerobic Lactic Capacity within barbell training/testing. What?! I know, confusing. In simple terms, your ability to push HARD, without accumulating so much lactate in your body that it starts to shut down/slow down. When you hit what we call the "red line", and start to crash and burn, you're there. There's no going back from this without adequate recovery time (which you don't have with a 7min time cap). The idea with today's test is that you understand how hard YOU (the individual) can push, floating right under your redline, with enough in tank to finish HARD and FAST. This looks different for everyone. 
  4. Your Mental strength. There is something to be said about the power of the human mind. Will you have the ability/mental strength to pick up the barbell again and again when your heart rate is shooting through the roof and you're breath rate has increased? Will you pace properly so you have enough fuel in the tank to pick up your tempo towards the end of the time cap or to complete your final reps? 
  5. Your ability to GRIND through a tough workout. 

We will find out the answers when you approach the barbell today! Best of luck to you friends!