CrossFit Games "Season"

Tuesday's Coach's Tip brought to you by Coach Sully...

"Friends!!  It's happened... In case you've completely away from social media the last week or two, you may have missed the memo - the 2016 CrossFit Games are OVER!  For those elite level athletes that were fortunate enough to participate in Carson, their season just ended.  They have earned weeks, perhaps even months, of active rest and recovery before they start training for 2017.  Lucky us, our season ended late March and we have had a FOUR MONTH head start on our training!  The question then is... What have you done with those last four months?

At the end of The Open, we discussed planning for 2017.  Many of you who experienced The Open for the first time came away hungrier for fitness than you have ever been.  Four months later, where do you stand?  It's important to recognize the then and now.  We all have GOAT's.  We have things that we want!  Strict Pull-Ups, Handstand Walks, Bodyweight Snatch, DU's, the list goes on and on.  At the end of March, we were ALL so eager to work on everything!  Then, LIFE happens.

Sometime soon, I encourage everyone to take a look back at where they were at the end of The Open and see what you've been able to accomplish in the last four months.  Can you check a thing or two off of your GOAT list?  AWESOME!!  Still working on it?  Keep going!  Haven't quite got around to it yet?  Maybe you might want to adjust your goals and come up with something a little more attainable based on your own priorities and available time.

Wherever you fall on that spectrum, Friends, be sure to take some time and really think about what's important to YOU so that you can get the very best out of the next eight months of training!"