Moving at a 'sustainable pace'

We utilize the term; "at a sustainable pace...." in our C5 Group Design a lot here when building the Aerobic energy system. 

So why do we feel it is so important to truly understand what moving at a sustainable pace should look and feel like? 

There are several reasons; 

  1. Understanding how to 'move sustainable' is what will allow you to be a more efficient exerciser overall (specifically in mixed modal/CrossFit workouts), especially those of you who like to get more work done in a specific time domain. 
  2. Understanding how to execute movements and blocks of work in an interval fashion,  (like you see in the C5 Fitness Program a lot), while being sustainable will allow you to repeat work over and over in an efficient manner. 
  3. You utilize less power and energy when you understand how to move sustainably. 
  4. The longer you can move sustainable, the Aerobic you are/can become, the more Aerobic you are, the better you can transport oxygen, move blood, flush lactic acid, recover, and train more often in a more recovered, energized state. 

Sound good enough yet??

Remember, moving at a sustainable pace is NOT about matching a number on the whiteboard. It's about TRULY embracing a pace that suits YOU, the individual, and that will allow you to breathe and move with the same mechanics, breath rate, and execution for all the blocks of work prescribed in your training session that day. 

Best of luck on your sustainability skills today! 

Make it a great Monday friends!