Coach-Athlete Balance

I can remember it like it was yesterday, my first CrossFit WOD back in August of 2009. The workout was an old school CrossFit benchmark WOD called "Fight Gone Bad". This WOD consists of 3 rounds of: 1min wall balls, 1min sdlhp, 1min box jumps, 1min push press, 1min calorie row, *rest 1min between rounds. The goal is to accumulate as many reps in total over the 3 rounds. It's pretty gnarly!

Back in 2009, I literally had to start 'stepping up' on the 20" box jump because my legs were so fatigued I could no longer jump. I'm pretty confident that maybe 20% of my wall ball shots actually hit the target at the appropriate level. My rack position was nonexistent for push pressing. I was on my back after the 3 rounds wondering what the heck just happened to me. On the flip side......I was also thinking, THIS IS EPIC!!! I want more! 

Two points here: 1. I THOUGHT I was Fit until I started CrossFit. 2. We all start somewhere. It has been an evolving journey with many ups and downs since that day to say the least. 

After my first 1.5yrs of competing and growing as a CrossFit Athlete, I began the C5 Coaches shadowing process, attended a CFL-1 course, and started training classes shortly after that. This is where my journey as a Fitness Coach began. 

Transitioning from Athlete to Coach was WAY MORE challenging than I had ever anticipated. I could no longer just show up and workout. There were expectations placed on me that I didn't realize. I was now "supposed to" have all the answers. I was always being watched, always needing to ensure I was supporting, encouraging, motivating, inspiring, educating, and/or communicating with anyone and everyone in the community. Training myself became a difficult task as I was constantly coaching classes, clients, and supporting our rapidly growing community at the time. The days of walking into the gym, zoning out, and just training, were over. 

Fast forward to May, 2012 when I took over full ownership of C5 and became the business owner, head coach, mentor, the face of the gym, AND......still trying to be a competitive athlete in the sport. It was overwhelming. I burned out hard. I was stressed. I got injured. As a result, it became tough to be the best I could be for the business, the small coaching staff (at that time), and most importantly, the community who was there to Enhance their Fitness and get their moneys worth out of our VERY BASIC program back then. 

Wearing the hat of a Fitness Athlete, and then switching that hat to a C5 Fitness Coach multiple times throughout the days and weeks is not an easy task for anyone who chooses (or gets invited at C5) to take it on. 

The C5 Coaching Staff is made up of some PRETTY EPIC folks. Each one of them started their journey just like you, had never done CrossFit, thought they were Fit before they learned what true, balanced Fitness looks (and feels) like, they were all just athletes who showed up to a class to better themselves and workout just like you. They are all kind hearted, intelligent, have great personalities, they have JOKES (some better than others ;) ), they are passionate about learning and growing as Fitness Coaches, they are passionate about taking care of their own Fitness and leading by example, and most importantly, they care about YOU, the community, and your success with your goals.  

In conclusion, finding the balance as a C5 Fitness Coach and Athlete is a very challenging task. C5 Coaches are expected to keep up their Fitness so that they can lead by example as well as achieve their own personal goals. Does it mean that they don't "want" to help you if they are in the middle of their training session when you walk into the gym? Absolutely not. They would LOVE to help guide and direct you. However, they also have to take care of themselves so that they can be the best Coaches for YOU and YOUR success. #TheStruggleIsReal to find this balance as a Coach who is passionate about helping others succeed and is also on their own Fitness Journey chasing goals. We hope that you can understand this as members of the C5 Community. 

Next time you cross paths with a C5 Coach, don't hesitate to remind them of something they've done to help your Fitness progress lately. Remember that YOU, the community are their priority, and they have to squeeze their own training sessions in wherever they can to continue their own journey. 

The C5 Staff hopes that you appreciate us as much as we appreciate each and every one of you! 

Make it a great hump day friends! 

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