At CrossFit Five Cities, we support anyone and everyone who desires to better themselves through The C5 Fitness Program

This includes (but is not limited to); those who are overweight, extremely de-conditioned, weak, rehabbing injury, seeking guidance, as well as those who are strong, competitive, aspire to achieve high levels of Fitness within the Sport as an individual or a TEAM.

From one end of the spectrum to the other, we support ALL OF IT. 

As C5 Fitness Coaches, we support each end of the spectrum and everything in between. As a C5 Community, we expect each of you to support the opposite ends of the spectrum from where you currently sit as well. This means you support and encourage those just getting started as well as those above you who are achieving their goals because each of those parties support you in your journey as well. THIS is Community.

Just getting started? Know that those above you, also experienced "just getting started". They know your struggles. They know your fears and uncertainty with yourself as it pertains to Fitness. Talk to them as they can help you understand the road ahead. 

"Fitness is a journey, not a destination."

Been here for 3+ years? Know that those just getting started look up to you and aspire to be like you one day. Right where you were when you started. You remember what it was like; being uncertain of your abilities, wondering how you will EVER be able to do a handstand, do 20 double unders, lift heavy loads, not knowing what all those damn acronyms on the whiteboard mean, not remembering a power clean from a thruster.......this list could go on for miles! 

Are you a Coach and/or a competitive athlete? Know that the entire spectrum looks up to you and your abilities. You're the only one who knows the LONG, ROUGH road you've traveled to get to your current level of Fitness. It's easy for those who are not there yet to think it was "easy" for you because that's all they've seen of you. Perhaps they don't know that you have 15+ years of Fitness Foundation under your belt. Perhaps they don't know that you too, just like them, have insecurities about your body, your skills, your abilities, or your limitations. 

If you are part of the C5 Community, regardless of where you sit on the Fitness spectrum today, please know that you are supported. Our competitive athletes and Coaches LOVE to help you succeed and get better, because they've been there.

If you're a seasoned exerciser who isn't competitive, thats perfectly fine, know that we support you in your journey! Know that there are new faces in our program who aspire to be like YOU!

If you're just getting started with us, know that you have an ENORMOUS support system ahead of you just waiting to watch, guide, and support you in your Fitness Journey! 

This is YOUR journey, ENJOY IT. LIVE IT. OWN IT.