At CrossFit Five Cities, we hold "standards" pretty darn high!

Not only the standards of your character, attitude, and communication, but also, as it relates to Fitness specifically, we hold your movement standards high. 

Many of you within the community LOVED the challenge and the electric energy of the CrossFit OPEN! Many of you were also met with some tough challenges when you were held accountable for your standards by a judge during this 5 week online competition.  

Just a friendly reminder to ALWAYS practice the way you play on Game Day! 

If your wall balls didn't hit the target, DON'T count the rep. 

If your heels came off the wall on your hspu, DON'T count the rep. 

If you didn't lock out your arms at the top of that last thruster, DON'T count your rep. 

Have the integrity to count your rounds and reps properly. 

The more you hold yourself to The Standard, the easier it will be to meet that Standard when it shows up in your face and accountability is with it! 

Rock on my Fitness Friends!