Super & Sustainable!

Tuesday's Coach's Tip brought to you by Coach Seth...

"So, this week we see a workout calling for sustainability. By now on Tuesday, we should all see this coming. During these sustainable pace days, I encourage each of you to make every movement perfect. Today is a 40-minute workout, which is plenty of time to make sure you do everything right. Your goal should not be to crush the workout and get more rounds than anyone else. The goal should be to have your reps in the last five minutes look just as good as your first five minutes. Here are the goals to aim for during these 40 minutes of awesome. 

During the Row: Be sure to reach full extension in your legs before you pull with your arms.
Double Unders: Fight for those unbroken sets. When you get tired, jump higher. Relax your body and slow it down,
Lunge Steps: Keep those arms locked out and make sure your knee touches the ground. 
Turkish Get-Ups: These are get ups, not sit ups. We should not see anyone coming off the ground with both legs. If you are unsure how to execute this perfectly, please ask a coach. We are here to help and want nothing more than to ensure you are doing the movements safe and effective
Planks: Dig deep and fight through every second. You will feel amazing when you do each set without fail. 
Rope Climbs: Get up that Rope!
The final core movement: Know your limitations and execute with perfect form on each one. If you don’t have strict T2B, then trust me - Dying Bugs are just as awesome!

Remember All: Stay safe and Commit to Execution!"