The process

One of our most favorite tag lines at C5; 

"Fitness is a journey, not a destination"

Once you embrace this reality, you can learn to enjoy the journey. You will be able to enjoy the process of growth in Fitness much more. 

It takes time to get stronger, time to get more flexible, more powerful, more aerobic, to build lean muscle mass, to learn technical skills.....etc. 

There is NO WAY around the process. There are no short cuts, there are no quick fixes, there are no magic programs that speed up the process. 

Time, mixed with consistency, hard work and determination are the recipe for success in your #FitnessGainz! 

One rep at a time. One workout at a time. One day at a time.  

Give your best effort in each training session, focus on the small gains each week, and enjoy the journey!

Make it a GREAT MONDAY friends!