Embrace the Intent

Tuesday's Coach's Tip brought to you by Coach Johnny...

"One thing I love about our programming at C5 is that there is always a "why" behind what we're doing. There isn't a single part of a single workout that isn't connected to the bigger picture of making you a healthier, fitter human being. 

As an athlete in our community we encourage you to embrace the intent behind each movement and workout.  

When I first started Crossfit I treated everything like a race. For a 2+ years I went as fast, hard, and heavy as I could, no matter what. I was constantly concerned with the number that went up on the whiteboard and how I stacked up to everyone else. 

The problem is that going as hard as possible, with zero regard for the actual purpose of the day's programming, will create imbalances in your fitness and most likely lead to injury. (I'm speaking from first hand experience..)  

Unfortunately it took me a while to really embrace the intent behind each day of programming. So what does embracing the intent look like? Here are a few examples: 

1) Warm ups are for warming up. They're not a race. This is a time to loosen up and prepare for the workout ahead.

2) When you see "A1 and A2" on the board, it's commonly meant to be a superset without unnecessary rest between the movements. Even an extra 5-10 seconds between the movements can take away from the intent. 

3) A WOD with 2-4 sets of work at a "sustainable pace" should look and feel different than the last time you did Fran, Grind, or Murph. 

The next time you're huddled around the whiteboard for the daily briefing do your best to implement what's being shared. To get the most out of your time spent in the box you must embrace the intent."