The whiteboard

The whiteboard is a HUGE tool in measuring Fitness results, not only the C5 Fitness Program, but in the CrossFit world everywhere. Hard data is what we need to review to see sustainability, progress, repeatability....etc.

At times, it can be a VERY double edged sword. Putting too much focus on those numbers can be detrimental to your own progress and even your emotional state. 

"Sometimes what can appear to be a poor performance on the whiteboard, is actually a HUGE WIN on the inside."

Probably one of our favorite quotes here at C5; "Fitness is a journey, not a destination".

Try to always remember where you came from, remember what your struggles "used to be", remember that you ARE better today than you were yesterday. 

That little number on the whiteboard does NOT reflect who you are as a person, or an athlete. 

Make it a great Friday friends!