The butterfly pullup

Alright friends! Time for part 2 of the series on Butterfly Pull-ups.

If you missed Part 1, you can read it by clicking here

As discussed in the video, two things to start working on:

1. Stack boxes and plates to easily get your chin over the bar. (Side note: when actually performing butterfly pull-ups, you don't want your chin OVER the bar in the coronal plane, just ABOVE the bar in the transverse plane- but we'll talk more about that in part 4)  as demonstrated in the video, start with your chin over the bar, instead of pushing away from the bar like you would in a kipping pullup, drop down and slightly in front of the bar, and make an oval shape back up and around to the top of the bar. 

2. Stepping to the side of the box so one of your legs have full range of motion, start with your chin at the top of the bar, hips open, foot behind you close to your butt.  As you come down and extend your arms, kick your leg down and forward, as if you're riding a bicycle backward. Your butterfly kip should be aggressive in order to propel momentum up and create a weightlessness to pull.

Keep working hard on part 1 and 2, so when part 3 comes out in October, you'll be ready! Here's to butterfly pull-ups by the new year! 

~Coach Kelsey

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