Basic Lifestyle Guidelines

Are your BLG's in check? 

The BLG's (Basic Lifestyle Guidelines) list is something that YOU have complete control over and MUST have in order if you desire Enhanced Fitness in your life!

As C5 Fitness Coaches, we get asked all the time about supplements, nutrition, training programs (the ole' concept that more is better......WRONG...for most.) 


  1. Water/Hydration: We discuss it right out of the gate here at C5 in our On Ramp Program. A very basic starting point is 50% of your bodyweight in ounces per day. This number increases the more active you are, the hotter climate you live in, the higher your training volume is......the list of variables goes on. Bottom line, if you aren't getting at least 50%, get on it! You're a human being and you can only survive 3 days without water, you need it, DRINK IT!

  2. Recovery: We talk about Recovery ALL. THE. TIME. at C5. It is vital for your training progression. It begins IMMEDIATELY after each training session. What are you doing to recover from your sessions? Recovery can look like; massage/bodywork, MAP 10, walking, electricity (MarcPro *use code "#C5Recovery", Compex *use code "Cavaletto31"), temperature (CryoTherapy, ice baths, infrared sauna, epsom salt baths), and compression gear. Are you putting any energy into your recovery, or do you just train?

  3. Circadian rhythm: Just as the tides change based on the sun and moon, so does the human energy via our hormone release relative to the sunrise and sunset. We are wired to be up when the sun is up and to sleep (rest, recover, repair) when the sun is down. Honor this, and do your best to sleep in a pitch black room, NO lights at all, keep the temp cool, and try to get 8-10hrs of sleep per night. Prep your body to shutdown 1-2hrs before bed by turning off electronics, reducing stress, bringing core body temperature down...etc.

  4. Digestion: It's critical for your health, your energy levels, your fuel sources for training. Some concepts for helping your digestion; smell your food before you eat it, sit down to eat, put your fork down b/w bites to promote slowing down, cook your food, chew very well (35-44x per bite), low anxiety when eating (are you rushed when you eat, STOP IT).....just to name a few. Education around what you're eating, and why you're eating it is CRITICAL! Food is Fuel for your Fitness performance. Treat it as fuel and you will look at it completely different.

If you are thinking about your next steps to Enhance your Fitness and take things to the next level, start by ensuring the four BLG's listed above are under control. I guarantee you will experience IMMEDIATE GAINZ in your life! 

Make it a great Friday friends!