The “D” word

Do you have it? 

Success is not possible without it. 

Goals cannot be achieved without it. 

Not everyone possesses it. 


There have been MANY studies that show having discipline, will improve your happiness, and will deliver success in all aspects of life; your career, your relationships, your fitness, your nutrition…etc. 

It’s a human behavior that is learned. We aren’t born with discipline. We are taught discipline by our parents (hopefully). If your parents did not teach you self discipline, it might be up to you to obtain it, that is, if you desire success and like crushing goals. 

Many of us have learned it via; the military, our careers, life experiences, sports and/or sports coaches, life coaches….etc. 

You know that person who crushes life? They put their mind to something and do it. They don’t allow any outside factors to get in the way….ever.......

That is someone with discipline. 

It starts in the morning when your alarm goes off. Do you get out of bed immediately, or do you hit snooze, over and over, and think about all the reasons why you’d rather stay in bed? 

If the latter sounds like you, you’ve already started the day on the wrong foot. You’ve started with an excuse(s). The lack of self discipline is leading the way for the day and everything else will follow suit. 

Discipline looks like getting up the second that alarm goes off (or before it). 
Does it mean you don’t think your bed is comfy? No! 
Does it mean that your warm, cuddly partner next to you doesn’t feel nice? No! 
Does it mean that you’re not tired and want another 30-90min of sleep (or maybe even just 5)? No! 

It simply means that you have the ‘discipline’ to overcome the discomfort and temptations, to get up and charge the day because you have goals to achieve. And those goals cannot get achieved without discipline. 

Just like one of my favorite quotes suggests;

“First you create your habits, then your habits create you.”

Create habits that don’t support self discipline, and you’re going to have a hard time achieving much of anything in life worth writing home about.

This all begins every morning. You must make a conscious decision to start each day with the same attitude you want to take on the day with. 

Want to develop self discipline? Choose a time to wake up every day, and commit to it for 30 days. No snooze. No excuses. Get up, and tackle the day! Let us know how you feel on the 31st day. I’d be willing to bet money that your body is naturally waking up at that hour (or before it) and it’s not so bad to get up on time, or better yet, earlier. 

This is just one small, simple exercise that “could” help you create a good habit to support learning self discipline. Try it out, and have awareness on how it bleeds into other aspects of your life. 

A few other things to have awareness on relative to your self discipline; 

  • Do you make your bed everyday? 
  • Do you wash the dishes immediately or just leave them in the sink until it’s overflowing and you have to put them in the dishwasher (or hand wash them)?
  • Do you procrastinate on projects? 
  • Do you exercise everyday, or is it easy for you to find excuses? 
  • Do you struggle with will power around junk food? (This is a deeper rabbit hole as there can be many, deep rooted, emotional connections to food, but, it still takes discipline)

…….the list can go on and on. These are just a few examples around what could be a lack of self discipline and potentially some items to start having some awareness around to begin developing the discipline needed.

What does it look like to be disciplined? 

  • You wake up when the alarm goes off. Zero excuses. 


  • You make your bed, everyday, regardless if anyone is going to see it. Why? It’s a task, a habit, that when done consistently with discipline everyday, allows you to start the day with an accomplishment, checking off a task. When you come back to that bed at night, you’ll get to see that accomplishment that kicked off the day, to remind you of how disciplined you are. Maybe the day goes to crap, but, at least you’ll be coming home to a small piece of success! To some, this might seem like a silly, pointless thing in life that has no relevance to your success. Trust me, try it out and take notice of the other positive habits that can develop from this.  


  • You eat clean and healthy food. You don’t make excuses around “why” you had to have fast food, or a donut from the break room,…etc. You’re disciplined and prepared with your own food to eat and don’t “give in” to the guilt from your work peers who don’t have the same goals as you. 


  • You have your OWN set of goals, and you don’t allow the influence of others effect those goals. Their decisions don’t get you off track, because you have the discipline to stay the course with what matters most to you.


For some other proven methods on gaining self discipline in your life, click here

Find discipline. Find success. 


Enjoy your hump day friends! 



A1. 3x2 rope pulls + 1 knee raise
A2. 3x12alt DB box step ups (HAP)
*rest 60sec

B. 21min EMOM:  
min1 - 30sec row @90%
min2 - 6 med ball squat cleans (Heavy)
min3 - 30sec np burpees 

A1. 3x2 rope ascents
A2. 3x12alt DB box step ups (HAP)
*rest 60sec

B. 21min EMOM:  
min1 - 30sec row @90%
min2 - 5 power cleans (70% of 10/20 load)
min3 - 30sec burpees