Rx Standards

Wallball: Standard wall ballstandards apply. Athlete MUST achieve a full ROM squat at the bottom of each rep and finish each rep with the center of the wall ball clearly making contact with the target above the specified height line. 

Row: Rower may be turned on by your judge or friend. Athlete MUST remain seated, strapped in, and hands on handle until 40cal is displayed on the screen.

Power clean: Each rep begins with the barbell/bumpers on the ground and finishes in the rack position with the elbows clearly in front the barbell, hips and knees fully open.

Lateral burpee o/bar: Each rep begins with the athletes chest and thighs on the ground and ends with a two-footed landing on the opposite side of the barbell. A two-footed take off MUST be executed in a lateral fashion on each rep. The athlete does NOT need to stand to full extension while jumping over the bar or at any time during the burpee. *Scaled athletes will be allowed to laterally step over the bar but the movement MUST be lateral.


Score for this event is total time of completion. If the workout is NOT completed under the time cap, each unfinished rep counts as 1sec added to time cap. 

Further details will be provided at the whiteboard briefing