The C5 GAMES have come and gone

That's a wrap folks!!!

The first ever, C5 GAMES, in-house competition has come and gone.

I hope everyone enjoyed the experience, the energy, the challenges, and the overall competition. 

SO PROUD of each of you for challenging yourselves, exceeding your own expectations, and growing with your C5 Fitness Family 💪🏽❤️

Please take 5min to fill out the survey so we can get your feedback and determine if this should be an annual C5 in-house event.

  Click here for the C5 GAMES SURVEY

Whether you did, or did not, crush your goals and expectations, there is something ELECTRIC about being in the presence of other like minded folks who are giving FULL EFFORT for a common goal! That was such an EPIC 3 weeks of FITNESS TESTING 💪🏽💪🏽

Back to training for the next TEST of Fitness.......THE CROSSFIT OPEN is only 4 months away (Feb 22 - Mar 26, 2018)!   Will you be ready??

We talk about the VAST difference between "TRAINING" and "TESTING" quite often here at C5. Understanding that you just spent the past 3 weeks TESTING your fitness and your results were based upon the TRAINING you did during the months, and years, prior to The C5 GAMES is something that will hopefully light your fire 🔥 to invest in the appropriate time & energy to your TRAINING for the next 4 months so you can give yourself the best chance at success during the 5 week CrossFit OPEN season. 

Wondering the what/when/why/how to work on in the next 4 months? Talk to a C5 Fitness Coach ASAP so you can ensure you're on the right track for #FitnessGainzSuccess 💪🏽

Make it a great week of Fitness!!