Practice vs. Working out

We often talk about the difference between TRAINING vs. TESTING. 

We TRAIN so that we can perform better during our TESTS. We do NOT TEST everyday because it's not sustainable for the long term. 

But what about the difference in showing up to the gym with the mindset to PRACTICE vs WORKING OUT? 

If I want to get better at Fitness Performance (as a sport), and my results in TESTING phases (The C5 GAMES, The CrossFit OPEN, other Fitness competitions) are important to me, then I must PRACTICE the skills required for the sport. 

Showing up to the gym and just going through the motions to get sweaty and feel like "I got a workout in" aren't going to cut it if you desire more from yourself relative to TESTING results that are based on performance. 

If you don't already invest time in 'practicing' fitness, start out by trying to choose one day per week where you shift your mindset to; "Today is my day to implement some focused practice on the days movements, and NOT stress on my time/score/load on the whiteboard, but rather, focus on my positions, efficiency, breathing...etc."

More on the difference between PRACTICE vs. WORKING OUT in this video. 


Today is great day to get in some quality 'practice', should you choose the appropriate mindset 😉



A. Every 80sec x7: 
3 med ball squat cleans + 5 med ball pushups 

B. 18min EMOM: 
min1 - 30sec np burpees
min2 - 30sec single unders
min3 - 30sec renegade rows (challenging)

*record total renegade rows (+load) completed 

A. Every 80sec x7: 
1 power clean + 1 hang power clean (from the knee)(building as technique allows)

B. 18min EMOM: 
min1 - 30sec burpees
min2 - 30sec double unders
min3 - 30sec strict pullups 

*record 3 scores; combined total burpees, combined total du, combined total pullups