Taking the time to reflect on the past 5 weeks of competition, will be VERY useful info relative to the direction you choose to take moving forward with your training this upcoming year. 

The 2017 CrossFit OPEN has come to an end. 

For some of you, it's a relief.

For others, it went too fast, and you're hungry for more!! 

Wherever you sit on the spectrum, it is critical for your Fitness success moving forward to ensure that you take some time to reflect on the experience of the OPEN. Whether this was your first OPEN experience or your 6th, there will ALWAYS be things to learn from. The good, the bad, and the ugly. What did you love, what did you kick a$$ at, where did you fail, where did you struggle, what did you crush, what were your strengths, where were you confident, where did you have self doubt, what would you change.........etc. 

It was SO EPIC to watch many of you PR on the repeat (16.4/17.4) workout. So many of you achieved your "first" something (and potentially many more). Some of you learned how to push beyond your perceived limits, some of you lifted more than you ever have before, some of you learned how to "get comfortable with the uncomfortable", some of you learned how to be mentally strong(er). Others may have felt a sense of defeat. Perhaps every week was like a punch to the gut when movements were announced that you don't have in your wheelhouse......yet. 

Now what? 

The weekly surprise workouts, the all out effort tests, the high energy, competition atmosphere will all fade away as we go back to what we call "Training". Now is when you make the decision on what you would like to accomplish in this next training season to be prepared for 2018 OPEN, or, just to get back on track with your specific goals. 

Unless you are competing in the Sport at some level (Regionals, local competitions, TEAM competitions, etc.), it is likely that the only thing you are "training" for is life, and now perhaps, the 2018 CrossFit OPEN. 

If you workout at C5 to be a more Fit version of yourself, to be healthy and strong, and to be more awesome at life, thats wonderful! We support that motivation 100%! Please don't feel like you "should" be training for something other than life. However, we do know that when you have some form of accountability, a test to study/practice for, it keeps you focused on the end goal. 

We like to use the CrossFit OPEN as a metric for everyones Fitness each year. Sure, we have plenty of actual Fitness tests that we look at throughout the year to ensure our program is continuing to make everyone more Fit. But, the OPEN, adds another level to the testing that is community wide.

MAKE the time to reflect so we can help ensure you're on the right path to success in your Fitness Journey friends!! 

Next week, we will release videos 1 & 2 of the C5 video series to help you understand where our next phase training will be headed so you have a better understanding on the "why" behind the C5 Fitness Program you see on the whiteboard each day. 

We will have some testing coming your way in mid April to support our next phase of training that will begin that same month! 

Make it a great week of Fitness friends!!