Scaling and modifying

"I had to scale/modify...........I suck..."

Something I hear all too often in the gym.

Scaling workouts and/or movements does NOT mean that you suck, or you're weak, or incompetent....etc. It simply means that YOU require something different to accommodate your current state of Fitness. "Group" Fitness programs do NOT fit everyone perfectly. We are all individuals, and as "individuals", we have "individual" needs to achieve our "individual" goals.

Many people often ask; "Chad, when do you workout? Do you workout?.....etc" Well here ya go!

This video collage is just one, 90 minute training session, one day, out of 27yrs of consistent, non-stop training, that included;


  • Some snatch work, which I HAD TO SCALE. I was supposed to use 70-75% of my 1rm today, but "chose" to use 60-65% based on how I felt today and how my movements felt.

  • Some Tempo Goodmorning work, which I HAD TO SCALE. I "chose" to use light loads over moderate loads.

  • Some deficit hspu work, which I HAD TO SCALE. I was supposed to execute 10, 6" deficit hspu, but could only execute 5-6 each round.

  • Some double under work, which I HAD TO SCALE. I was supposed to do 60 unbroken each set, but tripped on my rope the first two rounds and had to break up the 60 reps.

  • Some Russian KB work, which I HAD TO SCALE. I was supposed to use a 90# but "chose" to use a 70#, again, based on how I was feeling today.

The point here IS NOT, "look how fit I am everyone", the point here is this;

I have to scale my workouts, just like anyone else does. Does that mean I suck?, not in my humble opinion.

Do the workouts I have to scale look harder than what the average Joe does?, Yes, they do. 
They are more advanced than average because I've been on my Fitness Journey since I was 13yrs old, consistently, without stopping, EVER! That's 27yrs of a Fitness foundation. Not 2, not 5, not 10..........TWENTY SEVEN.
27yrs of grinding away at strength training, aerobic capacity building, body mechanics and awareness training, swimming, running, climbing, lifting.....etc.

When I talk about "Embracing the Fitness Journey".....I mean it. Fitness is a LIFE LONG ENDEAVOR! A committed journey that NEVER ENDS.

Try to remind yourself of that when you think; "ugh, I've been working at this REALLY hard now for 2 whole years! Why am I not a super epic ripped ninja by now, WTF!?" 😉

You don't get more Fit and then everything becomes easy. You get more Fit and have the ability to do harder things, push harder, train longer, do more technical movements, that you also, will have to scale.

Scaling and modifying will NEVER go away, you'll just advance to scaling and modifying harder things.

The moral of today's story; Be patient with yourselves! EMBRACE THE JOURNEY folks! The more you can truly embrace this ride, be grateful for your able body, and get the most out of each training session (scaled or not), the more you will ENJOY THE JOURNEY!