Am I good enough......

"I don't know if I'm good enough for this...." she said. 

"Maybe I should just give up......." he said.

Where does this thought process come from? The "Am I enough" thought.

Whether it's good enough for; your career, your business, your partner, your family, your fitness, your goals.......etc.

We ALL have our own insecurities. Some of us have more than others, some of us have deep emotional pain connected to those insecurities, some come and go with good days and bad days, some are triggered by certain people, certain conversations, or certain situations, certain challenges.  

Whatever your personal insecurities or doubts are, I'd like to invite you to remember something; 

You are good enough.

You are strong enough.

You are driven enough.

You are beautiful enough.

......I could continue this list for miles.

The point here is this, I can guarantee, that someone, somewhere, is PRAYING they had your current situation. They DREAM of being able to have what you have, or do what you do, or to achieve what you have achieved. So obviously, you ARE GOOD ENOUGH to have obtained/achieved those things in your life. Try to be grateful for where you are today, see the beauty around you, see the gifts that you DO HAVE, that others may not have, and remind yourself, that YOU ARE ENOUGH, to do, and have whatever you desire in life if you want it bad enough! 

Life is a journey, a process of growth. Fitness is just the same. Be patient with yourself.

"Never forget where you started, and NEVER lose sight of where you're headed."

Believe it. Achieve it. 

Make it a great week friends!